“Thank you each and every one for our connection, for our relationships established during the NRE project.  We not only planted trees but also the seeds of respect, understanding and commitment toward each other, to education and to the natural environment.” --- Mary de Baca

“Thank you to USDA for the support, Iowa State University for their leadership and all of our partner institutions for their friendship and for sharing their knowledge and culture so generously.  It has been an honor and privilege to work with each of you.” --- Tim Nichols
“My thanks to everyone for walking and working on the NRE project path these past five years. Our path had few briers to cause scratches on our feet or back but provided many learning berries for us to pick and share along the way.  It has been a joy and privilege to work together toward the development of our nation's Tribal Colleges."--- Harold Crawford


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Tree Plantings Celebrate Sustainability of NRE Project

South Dakota State University celebrated the end of the NRE project by dedicating a collection of native Juneberries in SDSU’s McCrory Park on August 18.

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This Project Is Funded Under The USDA IFAFS Program